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All of that is tied to reimbursement.

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She has also found that ethical problems develop when HIM is absent from a larger organizational initiative or development. We need to be the leader in those kinds of things.

Naturally there is a good way and a bad way for leaders to guide their organizations through change, which can come in many forms, from new software to new workflows, new EHRs, annual coding updates, or even mergers and acquisitions—with the latter leading to fears about job security. Additionally, HIM professionals are frequently told they need to update their skills, credentials, and degrees in order to stay relevant in the future.

Any one of these events can distract employees from the task at hand. Ever since her department had implemented a new worker productivity database, she heard complaints about it. Everyone in her HIM department, which had employees at the time, had to use the tracker, which left many feeling like Big Brother was looking over their shoulder.

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At that time, the tracker had been in use for 10 years and was still meeting resistance. Methany decided to solicit feedback from 10 percent of her employees and asked her assistant to schedule minute one-on-one interviews with staffers, for a total of 23 interviews. This gave them the opportunity to ask Methany any question they had about the database or any other concern.

Then in turn, she appointed each of them to be liaisons for their own separate corners of the HIM department. The liaisons could hold additional training sessions and brainstorm on ways to improve the use of the database, increase its effectiveness, and identify ways it improved their job performance.

Through the Storm

Every liaison conducted a SWOT strength, weakness, opportunity, threat analysis of the tool, and Methany laid out a roadmap, developed a milestone schedule, and wrote a charter governing the project. Workforce worries beyond new platform or software changes—including concerns about future career prospects, layoffs, or the need for more education—require a more deft leadership approach.

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The second step, Clancy says, is that leaders need to ask their employees what leadership can do to offset the impact of the change—for example, offer to be references for those whose jobs are terminated. It is also vital to provide as much advance notice regarding changes as possible, and to celebrate and communicate successes just as well as negative changes.

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Sandra Finley, president and CEO of the League of Black Women, specializes in training leaders on a type of transformative change management developed by the military known as VUCA, which is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Because of its origin in the military, VUCA addresses plenty of thorny questions and has tactics for navigating ambiguity, which is useful as the HIM industry confronts a future with a lot of unknowns.

For leaders, the underlying promise has to be as clear as it is for the Marines. We will not leave you.

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Employers can execute strategies like this through simple steps, which many companies but especially academic medical centers can do, such as reimbursing employees for continuing education programs. We thought the Hope Through The Storm chapter of our lives was over.

Weathering the Storm: How to Lead through the Chaos of Change

But as we have seen so many times before, God had other plans. He led us to several experiences with people facing different illnesses and disabilities, and after much discussion and prayer, we came to the decision to begin planning this new 2. A Ministry Is Born As we attended more cancer support groups in the area, we heard others share their cancer survivor stories and how God helped them through cancer too.

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