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Well, the war in Japan ended just as I graduated from that intelligence school. Well, intelligence in quotes, it was not very sophisticated. A few months later I was able to get a transfer into intelligence where my German language skills would be useful rather than being transferred to Japan. I went back into Germany and became a special agent in the counter intelligence corps which was, again, a heavy experience, because within a few weeks I had great authority as a credentialed agent whose job was to find Nazis.

So after about five months, to my surprise, I was offered to come home and be discharged. At the same time they offered me a commission if I signed a two year agreement to stay as an agent in the counterintelligence corps. So I demobilized and came back to the United States. I was just a couple months short of 21 when I was discharged as a veteran and ready to go back to college. A great step down from lots of authority. At first going back to the discipline of college was hard and going back to the discipline of sitting down and doing your lessons.

I had been away for two and a half years. Catching up, my first year was a hard year. My parents had moved to California; they had started a chicken farm in Van Nuys which at that time had one stop sign. Wilshire Blvd. This was As an engineer I had to be able to use math.

WWII Veteran Legacy Award Honoree: Ralph Baxter

The war ended when I was in Europe; first the German war and then the Japanese war. When the Japanese surrendered, I was on leave in London and I remember all the celebration of the people; finally, the war was over. After the war in Europe, yes, when the war in Germany was over, I went back to retrain for Japan. Then Japan surrendered; then there was an intermission while they figured out what to do with the battalion. I went into the counterintelligence corps and spent almost 6 months in the counterintelligence corps, and then I came home.

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I was at that time anxious to get on with things and get my college degree and get to work. I had some of the psychology of a first generation immigrant. I wanted to have the security of being established and that influenced me for some time. Everything was a different experience. On the East Coast college I had gone there during the war, lived at college knowing that I would go into military service then two and a half years later totally different environment.

They did not fire any gases. They were capable of firing gasses, but we had no ammunition with gas, so that was not one of the hazards. I was in the hospital with an ankle about four times the normal size, because I got shot at in a jeep and I jumped out of the jeep, landed badly and all sorts of other minor experiences.

I had a first cousin in England who was a navigator and a bomber. He crashed and was killed. We got a tip that there was a high level Nazi hiding, so a colleague and myself went with guns drawn and we knocked on the door. When the door was opened there was a six foot 4 ramrod straight Colonel standing. Everybody else pretended they were never a Nazi. He believed in Nazis; he believed in Hitler.

He made no apologies. He had a German iron cross for his clasp. He was a second level war criminal and we shipped him off. All of this just leads me to believe that hell has no fury like a woman scorned. I did not talk about being Jewish, I did not, neither to my colleagues, nor to others.

In later years, professionally, I had a lot of dealings over in Europe, in Germany, in Holland, in France in business and I never mentioned being Jewish.

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For many years I used to travel to Germany on business, and I always tried to get out as fast as I could. I dealt with the older generation whom I had to presume had been involved with Nazis, and I dealt with the new generation who I knew were too young to have ever been Nazis, and yet something about Germany made me feel uncomfortable.

The German Jews were essentially exterminated or driven out with very few survivors and very even fewer who went back to Germany.

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The Germans made it very easy for them to come back They made sincere efforts to atone, but hardly any, certainly none of the ones we knew of ever went back to live in Germany, of the German Jews who had been driven out by Hitler who had survived somehow. And the new Germany is different.

There is still some of the same there. It used to bother me that even the younger generation Germans had some of the arrogance which I remember of the older generation. One of the things you have to learn is that some of the things which were absolutely true 50 years ago or 40 years ago are no longer absolutely true; they are history. I changed essentially from somebody who was stateless to an American.

I started speaking American in self defense.

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So being in service did make a change in me in the way I interacted with people. My feeling was that at that time there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that if anybody had to fight the Nazis, I had to. One day, I decided that I was going to introduce Baxter and Ralph. I would be there to supervise, but Ralph was going to get over her fear and Baxter was going to get over his excitement. I carried Ralph over to where Baxter was tied up.

They both pretty much lost their minds.

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Ralph eventually sunk her teeth into my hand, squirmed out of my arms and landed on the ground in front of Baxter. Ralph sprinted for the barn. Somewhere along the way, Baxter and Ralph came to an uneasy truce. They can now be outside together and get along for the most part. I feel like it just took time.

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They will both sit out in the yard and Baxter is no longer tied up. They will sniff each other. A couple of times Ralph has flopped over for belly scratches while Baxter has sniffed her. Once she must have been incredibly itchy because she rubbed against his nose to scratch her head. Ralph is still uneasy sometimes. Baxter is still excited sometimes. He likes to do zoomies, and often his zoomies take him past the barn. On those days, B usually veers away before he gets too close to her. A few weeks ago he tried to do zoomies with her and got between her and the barn.

New Adventures of Beans Baxter - Beans in Jungleland

A quick verbal correction will attract his attention and remind him to leave his sister alone. She and her husband live on a acre farm in Ontario, Canada. How to introduce your dog to a cat. The lieutenant colonel who in civilian life had been a grocery clerk, in the army he had been loyal in the State army groups and so he got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.