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According to Geometry, three depicts the three dimensions; but Shriram is uni-dimensional.

The three dimensions have arisen from the single dimension, which is beyond place and time. Since Shriram could strike any target with a single arrow in first shot, there was never a need for a second one. Shriram had gifted the kingdom to him even before the battle began.

What will you do if Ravan too surrenders?

The Mystical Power of the Name of Rama

Being stithapradnya is an indicator of a high spiritual level. Shriram displays emotions of happiness and unhappiness just like human beings. Hence, we feel more attracted to Him than to other Deities. However, even in such circumstances how the God Principle in Shriram still remained intact will be clear from a conversation between Deities Shiva and Parvati as given ahead.

Parvati : Just see how the one whose Name you chant is grieving for His wife like an ordinary mortal. Shiva : That grief is superficial.

He has to do this since He has assumed a human form. Parvati : Ram is wandering about embracing the trees. That proves He is really pining for Sita. Shiva : Why do you not experience for yourself if this is true or false?

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Appear before Him in the form of Sita. Then observe His behaviour. Parvati did as Shiva said. During His times, that is, in the Tretayug , Ram alone was not sattvik; His subjects too were sattvik. Hence, during His reign, not a single complaint was brought to His court. The real Ramrajya Implied meaning : Absolute control over the five sense organs, five motor organs, mind, subconscious mind, intellect and ego by Ram Atmaram — The soul Principle dwelling in the heart is the real Ramrajya.

There were only two types of people who were unhappy in Ayodhya. They were very affectionate towards Rama that they did not care for their food and activity if they have seen Rama's coronation.

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It is described in the Ayodhya Kanda sarga 17 of Valmiki Ramayana. Though Rama became distant, no one could turn back one's eyes and mind from him, the best of men. All the people blamed the one who did not see Rama and the one who was not seen by Rama. Such a person would blame himself of it. They were disappointed very much when they didn't have a look at Rama and waited for him just like we wait for the beauty of the full moon when there is a new moon. They waited for Rama's arrival when he went away form them and went to his father just like the ocean waits for the moon to rise.

As Rama is compared with the moon in the above shlokas, the name Ramachandra became popular. This was widely used by his devotees, poets etc. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Let me know if anyone has any references or stories for this.

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Trialcoder Trialcoder 2 2 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. It is said that when lord Rama was kid, he used to ask his parents to get moon for him.

Power of lord rama's name by Nitai Sevini Mataji

I think the name is related to this incident. There is no such story. But there are two reasons: Lord Rama was the first child after a long wait, in King Dashratha's family, so he was very dear and close to King's heart so they called "Chand sa beta" in Hindi or "Chandra" in Sanskrit.

Lord Rama was born on "Chaitra" Month of Indian calendar in suda 9 or Ramanavmi , which is the ninth day of the bright-half of the Indian month Chaitra. We are all aware of the story of the competition between Ganesha and Muruga on who will get the divine fruit. Muruga, angry that the fruit was not given to him, went to Palani.

108 Names of Lord Rama

In order to appease his anger, the competition was conducted again, when Muruga diligently circumambulated his parents on his peacock at great speed. A good teacher is the one who practices what he preaches. When parents do something noble, would not the son follow the same? Muruga and Ganesha chant the Rama Nama always. Out of the boundless love for Sri Rama, Viswamnitra wanted to gift Him something.

A sage that he was, he had no worldly possessions, nevertheless, he had performed an abundance of austerities.