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A few, like this one, do not. After reading this, try the short version. One hour after having left Madrid behind, flying towards the north and above the dry lands of Spain covered in yellows and browns, we start flying above the enormous Cantabric range: A mass of sharp mountains that in the month of June still lay under a blanket of white snow.

My heart starts to beat strongly knowing that I am minutes away from landing in my homeland. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Alfaguara, Condition: New. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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Book Description Santillana, Soft Cover. Dust Jacket Condition: None. Book Description Alfaguara. Seller Inventory NEW Forced, or so he believes, to exterminate the threat before it destroys him, he starts to imagine threats everywhere and sets about eliminating them -- even the adventuresome gamine Tamara Melian he's fallen in love with. Ichaso's layered editing style, applying staccato images like tiny brushstrokes, proves especially suitable for capturing the jittery nature of a creature whose survivalist instincts don't allow him to see further than the next enemy.

HD lensing carves depths in the nighttime streets and blurs the limits of the daylit ocean, creating a mirage-like cityscape quite distinct from those in Ichaso's old "Miami Vice" episodes. Ichaso also nails the smoke-filled ambiance of the latenight radio station where Remigio spins his anecdotal, quasi-poetic musings. Ichaso's own father was a Cuban radio celeb who stayed in his homeland for five years after his family fled, and the helmer's depiction of Remigio's moral makeup, tinged with a certain self-satisfied complacency, reads ambiguously.

Obviously a first-class bon vivant and remarkable raconteur, Remigio leaves much to be desired as a responsible parent.

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  5. While he soon suspects Ivan may not be his son, or at least not one he wants to foist on Miami, he does nothing, fearful of endangering his comfortable lifestyle. Ichaso's corrosive vision of humanity, drowning itself on the shores of paradise, finally spares no one. Running time: MIN. It's a provocative Cuban exile drama framed around the story of Ivan, newly arrived by raft and his adjustment to life in Miami's exile community. Always controversial, Ichaso's Ivan has a dark side, caused by years of hustling to survive in Cuba's inhumane, repressive society, the film is brutally unsparing in its portrait of the Revolution's "New Man.

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    Paraiso will be shown at 8 p. For more information, visit www. In his now-classic directorial debut, 's El Super, Havana-born filmmaker Leon Ichaso documented the travails of a homesick, blue-collar Cuban exile struggling to raise his family in an unforgiving New York. With Paraiso Paradise , which makes its world premiere Wednesday at the Miami International Film Festival, Ichaso brings his unofficial trilogy to a strikingly unsentimental and haunting close -- a finale the director believes will inevitably rankle at least some members of Miami's Cuban exile community.

    I'm ready for a similar reaction to Paraiso from some people, but I think there is something visceral about the film that will connect with people.

    It might stun or bruise them for a second, but they will sense there is no lie here. Struggling with the awkwardness and strangeness of the revelation, Remigio welcomes Ivan into his posh Key Biscayne condo, doing his best to make the wide-eyed young man feel at home.

    Asturias, Paraíso Natural de España – long version

    Ivan regales Remigio and his friends with harrowing stories about his voyage and his memories of listening to his dad's show on the island via a beat-up radio with a wire hanger for an antenna. Remigio takes his son to eat at Versailles, where he marvels at the size of the portions, and hooks him up with a job as a pool attendant at a South Beach hotel. A DARKER SIDE But Paraiso also hints at a darkness lurking within Ivan -- a casual incident of shoplifting, a chance encounter on a Little Havana street with a drug addict who claims to have been his inseparable pal back on the island -- that grows more pervasive after his assimilation hits a rocky patch.

    He didn't fit in over there, and he doesn't fit in here. He's in a very dark limbo, but that's not because he's wrong or evil.

    Leon Ichaso Biography

    It's what he was taught. In Cuba, you have to be constantly fighting against the state to survive. You have to ignore the rules and steal. And when someone like Ivan comes here, he thinks the streets are made of cheese, and money grows on trees.

    El Final del Paraíso - Episode 25 - Telemundo English

    He has all these huge dreams, but once he starts trying to attain them, he can't function well because he's so late in life and lacking so much information. He's damaged. It's heartbreaking to hear stories from recent arrivals that display a complete innocence towards so many things we take for granted. You start to realize these people have gone through hell. The director said his limited resources were a challenge, but they also served as a creative boon. Cubans are a reminder that hope lasts forever.

    But to make a movie like this, you have to really love Cuba and have a strong sense of who you are. El Super was a comedy about the tragedy of being completely displaced, and that seemed taboo at the time.

    Asturias, the Natural Paradise of Spain

    Paraiso is a reflection of this new hybrid of Cuban exile, desperate to be part of a world they can barely function in. And it's important to know ourselves a little better -- the good, the bad and the ugly. Posted by editor at PM No comments:. Leon Ichaso's Paraiso will screen October 14th at 7pm. Wednesday, September 23, Paraiso Redux.

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