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Even when it's totally not still relevant.

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Sure, I'll join the school's football team. Sure, I'll have a beer instead of wine. You even ask for trainers for your birthday, as you know he enjoys buying them for you, even though what you really wanted was a pair of Kurt Geiger boots. No one can make you laugh like him and if your dad doesn't know the answer to something, then what you asked wasn't a legitimate question.

No matter how hard you try to pay him back, he insists the loans are paid off in cups of teas and a 'thank you' text. It's like magic. Wonderful, kind, dad-based magic.

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Whether you want him to or not, the second he thinks you haven't got the cash or is worried about you, he's THERE. You secretly revel in any opportunity to show your dad how great you are.

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Father's Day cards become less a declaration of your love and more a fierce contest as to who can use the best adjectives. Whether it's a dad-daughter Sunday roast, casual little pub trip or a stroll in the park, your quality time is the BEST and you don't care who knows it. Dads are the best. Follow Josie on Twitter. Type keyword s to search.

Daddy's Girl

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Daddy's Girls

I, WB Winslow. I, WB Butler.

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