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Seit mir das bewusst geworden war, kam ich mit dem Schreiben nicht mehr voran. Wenn die Frau mit dem jungen Mann sprach, sah ich ihr kantiges Profil. Sie trug winzige dunkelblaue Satinshorts, aus denen ihre Pobacken ganz knapp herausragten. Der junge Mann war nicht viel besser.

Er stellte dumme Fragen — "Seit wann wohnst du hier? Die gesamte Show war nur dazu da, vom Wesentlichen abzulenken: vom Nichts. Oder vielleicht bewies es nur, dass diese Leute sich von der Leere keinen Begriff machen konnten. Oder vielleicht waren sie einfach nur dumm. Ich beneidete sie.

Ja, bitte?

Aber im Grunde war mir klar, dass alles auf die Shorts der Frau hinauslief. Die Silhouette ihrer Pobacken war die Antwort auf alles. Ich wusste nicht, wen ich mehr hassen sollte, den Mann oder die Frau. Es gefiel mir, meine Zukunft noch vor mir zu haben.

Doch die Entscheidung lag in weiter Ferne, und ich genoss den Abstand. Aber nach vier Jahren Beziehung sehnte ich mich verzweifelt nach einem Antrag, und sei es nur, weil er mir keinen machen wollte. Sieh mal, so gewollt bin ich, schienen sie mir zu sagen. Ich habe es auf die andere Seite geschafft! In den ersten Jahren hatte ich ihn oft an seinen Drehorten besucht. See All Customer Reviews. Das ist es, was eine verdorbene Tablette ausmacht. Man endet mit verdorbenen — im Grunde genommen schmutzigen — Zuckerpillen.

Überdosis G'fühl (S.T.S) - Wurzelwasser - Austropop aus Bayern! (live)

Er hat vergessen, seine Pille zu nehmen. Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist ein wenig kompliziert, aber im Grunde genommen nein. Die einzigen Studien, die eine Wirkung zeigen, sind Studien, die keine Doppelblind-Kontrolle verwenden. Einige wenige kleine Praktizierende haben versucht, dies zu tun, aber alle haben versagt. Man sollte sich fragen, warum sie sich weigern, ihre Produkte auf die Probe zu stellen.

Dies ist der Effekt, durch den etwas, das klinisch inaktiv ist, aufgrund verschiedener Faktoren - vom positiven Denken d. Sie ermutigt eine Kultur, in der Tatsachen letztlich relativ sind und objektive Beweise bedeutungslos sind. The election booth for the RationalWiki Moderator Election is now open.

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Cast your votes today! Jump to: navigation , search. This is a German translation of Homeopathy. Es gibt offenbar zwei Hauptanliegen. Wir kommen zu dem Schluss, dass das Prinzip der Gleichheitskuren theoretisch schwach ist. Comparative study of placebo-controlled trials of homeopathy and allopathy by A.

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Shang et al. Bruner, N. Huse, J. Chugh, E. Nibbering, T. Miller "Ultrafast memory loss and energy redistribution in the hydrogen bond network of liquid H2O. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. They are identical in shape but occupy diametrically opposite positions in the virtual space. Both panels derive from the same original drawing. The only difference—but it is essential—lies in their inverse camera perspectives, which determine the particular data set and its transformation into a vector graphic. However, he manipulates the technical manufacturing processes to lend his pictorial products a physical presence informed not only by the digital input, but also by the physical properties of the specific material he works with.

Interface designs that facilitate intuitive use suggest that a utopian vision of cybernetics has become reality. But the ideal of the harmonious coexistence of man, nature, and machine contrasts with the growing regimentation of the circumstances of our lives by algorithmic organizational structures that remain concealed beneath the veil of appearances to allow for smooth workflows. In the course of the performance, the artist will activate one after the other: It begins with the physically demanding attempt to elicit a few piteous notes from a bagpipe she has fashioned out of an ALDI plastic bag.

The improvised instrument is connected to a recording device and amplifier, which take live samples of the sound that are replayed as the artist moves on the next station. Balancing on a tall ladder, she then flings various tennis balls, energy drinks, and beer cans from an IKEA bag, striking drums set on the floor with now surer, now less sure aim. Again, the resulting noise is recorded, sampled, and mixed with the notes from the first part of the performance. This second action pays homage to the Fluxus artist George Brecht, whose performance Drip Music—the dramaturgy involved a curtain and stage—similarly employed a ladder and a receptacle placed beneath it to produce sounds.

The third and final station quotes the fairytale The Wizard of Oz—the rudimentary television studio set with the yellow foam-rubber fake bricks distinctly recalls the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City. Standing on it, the artist now takes on the challenge of a teleprompter made dysfunctional by severe deceleration. Slipping into the role of stand-up comedienne, she reads off stale gags, but the low speed setting of the scrolling text and the grotesque electronic distortion of her voice resounding from the speakers make it impossible to make any sense of the scene.

The abstract verbal fragments she speaks into the microphone and the sounds and noises from the previous stations condense into a collage-like composition. The audience—utterly absorbed in her various roles and situations, the artist never makes direct contact with the spectators—is accosted by two illuminated advertisements, so-called Audience Pieces, that display stage directions such as emoticons signaling laughter and clapping hands.

Tintin Patrone works with pop-cultural references as well as material she appropriates from the art field. Her work features numerous elements that derive from Fluxus and Dada. An ongoing shift of perspectives charts possible purposes and uses of the gallery space: resonance chamber, studio, stage, scenery. She is a founder and member of the Musicmotorcycle Club and the Krachkisten-Orchester, with which she has toured Europe for many years.

Tintin Patrone was born in Marburg in In ihrer Arbeit finden sich zahlreiche Elemente von Fluxus und Dada. Tintin Patrone wurde in Marburg geboren. About the first portrait by the entrance, the one of the gray goose.

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Incidentally, in birds, and only in birds—if you even care—the blind spot is overshadowed by the dark and pleated pecten oculi, which helps the eye breathe, as it were. Which reminds me of another anecdote on the subject of the differences between our eyes and those of birds. Simple question. Clear answer. Got it now. Two things, mainly. Gaze and posture. Dann jetzt zu Ihrer Ausstellung. Zum ersten Portrait im Eingangsbereich, dem der Graugans. Einfache Frage.

Klare Antwort. Zwei Dinge im Wesentlichen. Blick und Haltung. Das isses dann auch schon.

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  • Sie hatte sich das anders vorgestellt. In the reality of my own life as it was in , that tower was the enormously tall bookcase in my unrenovated subsidized flat. On the top shelf, wrapped in golden aluminum foil, stood a chocolate replica of a beer bottle from the south German brewery Rothaus. That fall, the Italian restaurant directly below me closed due to bankruptcy, and the resident mice migrated up to my floor.

    To my surprise, all I held in my hand was the immaculate golden chocolate beer bottle mold. What would make any manager ecstatic was seen with mixed feelings at Rothaus. No mice had visited me in a long time.

    Next Season

    Perhaps because the rooms previously occupied by the Italian restaurant had for some time been taken up by a wine store with an exquisite lunch menu. It was around then that a musician friend invited me to join him on a trip to Tangier. He knew I was a fan of the Moroccan band Nass El Ghiwane and suggested that I should come and learn more about the music scene. Morocco had long been a dream destination.

    I saw myself chatting with the Gnawa singer Omar Sayed in Casablanca and bringing a truckload of vintage vinyls back to Germany. Tangier, too, was a fantastic place to start: the historic distinction would open all sorts of doors for me. Our hosts were appreciative of my peculiar interests, but any possible avenue I might pursue was dismissed as too complicated.

    We toured northeastern Morocco with a Maghrebi gangsta rapper, chaperoned most of the time by paramilitary security guys who helpfully served opium tea against our diarrhea. The format was unpopular; I was told that in the more recent past, music had been circulated on audiocassette. CDs and MP3s were the present, and the mobile phone was the playback device of the future. I soon realized that the problem of distorted perceptions was mutual. Then again, that was mostly because our interactions played out on stages like the medina.