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They will start attacking immediately. Note that some of the Viper Gang will be up on the cliff, and can be quite hard to reach. Furthermore, there are a few wrecked cars and some hidden frag mines , but nothing more. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Ambush Camp #2: Jefferson Rail Tunnel

Major Faction locations. Brotherhood of Steel. Caesar's Legion. Crimson Caravan. Followers of the Apocalypse. Great Khans. Powder Gangers. The advantage here is that the dense brush in the area gives you lots of opportunities to sneak around the camp and pick off several targets using your knife and other silenced gear. That said, keep your eyes peeled for the two snipers in the area and be sure to nail them with a carefully placed headshot or a Residue Bolt to cause some chaos.

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Head down the ladder to find your usual map and crafting recipe hidden away inside. With a little luck, this should give you a good angle of most of the enemies in the camp including the snipers overlooking the main road. As usual, subterfuge and stealth are a good way to kick things off. So we recommend tagging any heavy enemies with a Residue Bolt from the ridge to turn the ambushers on each other while you sneak the occasional stealthy headshot in the chaos. Once you arrive, buckle up for a bit of stealthy knife work. This camp is primarily vertical, with plenty of rippers that like to take advantage of the high ground to make your life miserable.

Use bushes and do your best to push up to the high ground when given the option. Then isolate and kill as many rippers as you can with stealth before going loud to clean up anyone else in the area. So slip down into the bunker and examine the map on the desk to claim your rewards. The Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp can be found tucked away on the southern edge of Iron Butte and just southeast of the main ripper base in the center of the region.

Because this is Iron Butte, expect to be dealing with a pile of rippers for this campsite.

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That said, the relatively close quarters of the RV park make it ideal for sneaking around and picking off enemies one by one, or you can grab a good shotgun or SMG to rip things up in close quarters. Before you go loud, we recommend targeting the snipers posted at the north and south ends of the camp.

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Residue bolts are ideal, but if you just tag them with a quick headshot from a silenced weapon you can cause a little chaos without revealing your position. Drop down the ladder to claim your reward, a pile of intel on the local area and some progress towards a fresh crafting recipe.

Once you arrive, we recommend posting up on the ridge to the north of the ambush camp. Blow up the barricade and you should be in another prime ambush area to rain down explosives or gunfire on the remaining enemies in the area. Once the camp is clear, search the military tents to find the entrance to the bunker, which can be looted for the usual reward of intel and crafting recipe progress. This camp is a pretty straightforward affair and can be found directly east from the Diamond Lake camp or otherwise northeast from Wizard Island.

Other than that, choose your favorite boomstick or silenced weapon and go to work clearing the camp from one end to the other. Keep your ears peeled for any freakers that might be attracted by the gunfire and occasionally take a second to hide, heal, and let the freakers go to town on the ambushers for you. Move methodically through the camp while keeping a close eye on your health and you should clear the area in short order.

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You have three options on the table, which essentially boil down to north, east, and south. For the easiest approach, we recommend following a few small trails up north around the mountain range before hooking down south to approach the ambush camp from the outside.

Sneak through the area and follow a path heading further east out of town to find a hidden mountain cave. Make your way through the cave in a generally eastward direction and the cave will open up right behind the Aspen Ambush Camp. This is the ideal method to sneak into camp for a careful stealthy approach.

That said, tackling this ambush camp is mostly about finding an angle on the snipers coving the main path to the bunker.

Red Rock River

We found it best to hug the wall around the camp to sneak into the bushes near the first sniper. From here, this ambush camp devolves into the usual sneaky shooting gallery, and as long as you make good use of cover, you should be able to get the drop on most of the enemies charging down the hill at you. Be aware that a varying number of heavy enemies will come up out of the bunker as you move up the hill, so save a grenade or two for them specifically.

To find this camp you can either take a long ride southeast out of Wizard Island or make your way south down Highway 97 from the CCC campus proper.

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This ambush camp is flat, with very little cover which makes it easy to be overwhelmed by raw numbers. We recommend coming heavily armed with an automatic shotgun and a heavy LMG to make things easy. Once you have a good crowd, toss a few explosives or open up with your preferred full auto weapon to take out as many enemies as you can in one go. If things get too crazy, remember that you can beat a hasty retreat and circle around to another entrance of the camp. If you managed to create enough of a fuss on the first wave, you should have pulled most of the guards from the other entrances.

This should allow you to sneak inside and begin a methodical stealth attack on enemies as they return to their posts. Pop the top on the bunker and slide down the ladder to get the usual map update and the final bit of progress you need for the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. This should reward you with a unique skin for your bike along with a pile of experience. View the discussion thread.

Jul 17, Horse Creek Ambush Camp Bunker map. Horse Creek Ambush Camp Bunker. Black Crater Ambush Camp. Black Crater Ambush Camp Bunker. Belknap Caves Ambush Camp. Belknap Caves Ambush Camp Bunker.